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David Span the globe, a skilled craftsman and product designer, is the only proprietor of Carpentry’s cutting-edge family-run gadget shop in Worcestershire, in the coronary centre of England. David runs his own Wood Business, where he spends the most of his time at the bench imparting his carpentry knowledge. FOR MORE THAN TWENTY YEARS, WE HAVE BEEN SERVING OUR CLIENTS.

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David also assesses and budgets top honours for the work of younger master artisans at national carpentry markets, offering the absolute best in fine woodworking and tool manufacturing. Operated in tandem with Help Three Warriors, increasing funds and drawing attention to carpentry rehabilitation programmes around the United States.


Horizontal accuracy at 180°, vertical accuracy at 90°, and 45° accuracy—all with a high degree of precision: 16-inch spirit level for simple levelling ±0.029°=±0.5mm/m. 3 quality vials (0.5mm/m) with smooth interior contours and bright fluorescent liquid within, which are simple to view. Heavy-duty aluminium frame offers tough strength; strong magnetic edge allows for hands-free operation—ideal for dealing with steel. Slip-resistant stoppers built in for stable insertion while creating markings; soft shock-resistant TPR rubber end caps; powder-coated yellow and black exterior for increased visibility on construction sites

Moisture Meter

In the woods find hidden leaks.This  digital moisture detector can detect moisture in wood, concrete, and other materials, preventing damage to your property.To minimise cracks, splits, and warping, make sure you use good, dry wood for all of your tasks.It is easy to use and has  Large illuminated screen that is easy to see. When pushing pins into textiles, the sturdy, hand-friendly body feels robust. Holding down the key causes the readings to become frozen.